Are you stuck? Need help launching your business? Got a fire and need help putting it out?
Don’t fear, get Luke Anderson on the phone. Luke’s no bullshit approach will get you unstuck real quick. Get access to his network of tax, accounting, human relations, marketing, sales and management professionals.


Rome wasn’t;’t built in a day and you bet your ass neither will your business. Getting Luke Anderson is the equivalent of pouring fuel on the fire, but fires still need to be controlled. The mentor program is a medium to long term package where Luke commits to making you and your business a success. Mentor packages are by application only. Contact Luke for an application form.

    Pitch me your idea…

    So you have an idea…good for you. I bet it’s exciting for you. Let me tell you something about ideas, they are worth zero. Without the rest planning, funding a team that can execute. An idea without a plan without funding, a team and traction is a guess. BUT amazing business’s start with a guess. So let’s go down the rabbit hole.

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